Rachel’s Legacy

This month, February, on the 19th we will, with the help of the Holy Spirit, look into the life of Rachel and the legacy she left. Very seldom do we hear any talk of her except as the first love of Jacob. She was the woman denied him, in exchange for another (her sister) by her father.

Her father, Laban, who saw his daughters as items, came across as cruel and callous in his pursuit of wealth. Leah and Rachel’s response to their father is one of respect, fear, and anger. We also see love when he leaves them. It’s odd that these words can be used like that in the same sentence expressing feelings. Laban didn’t know that God had a plan. How could a man that had “household gods” understand God’s plan? How could a man understand, that it was God that allowed the ‘household gods’ to exist?

The truth is, that God always has a plan. Even though we wiggle and wobble trying to understand his plan and being not quite sure it is his plan, God is patient and loving. We don’t realize it’s already laid out, and we are allowed so many excursions off the path. He is always inviting us to get back on the path. Feeling spurned, and shamed, Rachel displayed a petulant and childish spirit of impatience. Her sister, not wanting to lose her standing is ready for the competition. They compete the only way they know how…who could please Jacob by giving him the most children, and this race also filled the need within themselves. Don’t forget the spirit of the womb had to be honored. Rachel and Leah even had authority over others, that they could use in the competition.

After all the struggle, unhappiness, and moments of desperation, Rachel alas, died giving birth to Benjamin, Jacob’s youngest son. It seems her death was caused by what she thought would save her. Herein lies the necessity of us seeking God’s plan. God’s plan is not stressful. Our plan requires props in the form of other plans and props to bring it about.

Rachel had cried to Jacob “give me children or else I die.” But it was the very thing she asked for, that brought about her demise. Could it be that we really don’t know what’s good for us, and we must wait patiently for God’s answer? Rachel wasn’t even allowed the honor of naming her child. Jacob didn’t use the name she spoke with her last breath.

Even so, even with her tears, she birthed a great legacy. Hope to see you on the 19th.

One thought on “Rachel’s Legacy

  1. It was very interesting learning about the women and how they lived, and the things they had to do. Rachel, was in Genesis the first book of the Hebrew Bible. One of the two wives of the patriarch Jacob. Forced to serve Rachel’s
    father, Laban for seven years to win her, Jacob was tricked at the end of that time into marrying her sister Leah.
    Rachel was a Biblical figure, the favorite of Jacob’s two wives, and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel’s
    father was Laban. Her older sister was Leah, Jacob’s first wife.


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