Looking Forward to Seeing You

I am so-o-o-o excited about our upcoming ZOOM meeting, The House That Rachel Built, the third installment, of the 4 part Cry of the Womb Series, of the Eve to Mary Magdalene Woman’s Conference. Hope you are reading your study guide, at this site. If you are unable to print it, send a message with your address included to this site, and I will see about getting you a hard copy in the mail, as long as these printed copies are available. We will be doing an in-depth look at Rachel; all she went through, how it affected her, and others around her. Like us, she really didn’t consider others around, just her goal. We all get into a Me Me scenario. It’s very confining and doesn’t allow us to see all that Jesus has for us. Rachel’s legacy was and still is great. We are the beneficiaries of this legacy. That should give us pause, as we consider our legacy.

Also, like us Rachel, was so embroiled in her present state that she could not fathom the outcome. She lived only in the present, not having faith in God and ALL his possibilities. But she was a young woman under stress. And that is the way she reacted to it. But like many of us she just couldn’t escape her past. She wore it along with her present. Her past was never her past. We do the same in the way that we deal with circumstances and people that we encounter. We allow them to travel along in life with us, by the things they say and do. They become weights of stress, and our actions can be just as mind-boggling, as some of the things she did.

The wonderful thing is that we are caught in the net of GOD’S LOVE. Like a fish, wiggle wiggle, thrash about as much as we please, we cant get out of his net of love. For one thing, we don’t realize it is a net of love or shall I say a protecting WOMB. Looking forward to seeing you.

One thought on “Looking Forward to Seeing You

  1. thank you for this post, its very simular to as u say…our past and carrying the things of our past until years and years of stress…i never opened up in a way, of Racheal,s life as a sample to our lives. This post encourages me to know tht He is God and to cry out to my lord and savior for…every and anything that im going through. AMEN


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