Stay Strong Gardeners!

Praaaaise the Lord Fellow Gardener!

Just a note this Wednesday morning to give keep you encouraged and moving forward with your gardens. You know gardening should feel right to us. Remember our ancestor Eve lived in a garden. Don’t forget whenever you work with your garden to think of your spiritual garden, JESUS CHRIST, your kids, your family, your home, and pray as you work the soil.

On October 1, please attend a mini gardening conference at 2:00pm at our regular GRACE CHURCH of GOD zoom site. You will hear more about it and You will love it. All the seeds provided are for late summer and fall planting, so there”s still time to plant again before the first frost if need be. In the main time a few notes.

  • If you planted seed over seven days ago and nothing is peeping up through the earth we probably need to chat.
  • Remember the majority of the soil provided should be poured in and smoothed out up to the ropes. Save a bit for covering the seed. Spread the seeds as evenly as possible on the surface of the soil. Then cover with the leftover soil which should only be maybe a handful. (The seed roots will burrow down into the earth with just a light covering of soil. This was because there is plenty of soil beneath to carry on life. The roots are able to spread out and gather up all they need. Sometimes if we start a path or project with JESUS there’s not enough root to finish it.
  • If your plants are too crowded, you will need to thin them out as they grow. So they don’t fight each other for nutrients. If you have a gentle enough touch you can move some to a bare area. Many of us are not comfortable in crowds. We don’t do our best growing then, especially if it’s not a place that JESUS CHRIST PLANTED US IN. Sometimes we plant ourselves in bad soil and expect good results.
  • Keep soil moist. [Like us they need water. We need the spiritual water]

All this seed sowing reminds me of one scripture – Mark 4:14 [The soweth the word.]

Continue on gardeners – May God Bless You

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