Grow Gardens Grow

Don’t forget to Water your Plants!

Praise the Lord!! fellow gardeners. Just checked on some of you to see how your gardens were growing. For the most part the plants have escaped and burst through toward the sun. And that’s as it should be. The Grace Gardens are involving other family members as they grow. And, thats wonderful. Remember radishes are a bit different in growing. The sought after crop is the root so they need more room, then say a spinach plant or lettuce. Check your seed envelope packets, if you still have them. Continue monitoring and send pictures.

Haven’t heard from some of you at all. Does that mean you haven’t planted yet? Are you planning to join us? We all want to taste of our harvest.

Now, how about your other gardens. Your spiritual gardens. The garden that houses your heart, your children. your husband, your job, your friends? How are those gardens? How are they growing for you? What’s that harvest looking like? Is your heart ready to deal with these gardens that are not in a stationary box? The master gardener is JESUS for these gardens. Place them in his care.

Not a lot of gardening news today. Just steady growth. And that’s good. So grow on and happy gardening.

Don’t forget to text me your Week 4 Growth! Excited to see how things are coming.


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