Stay Strong Gardeners!

Praaaaise the Lord Fellow Gardener! Just a note this Wednesday morning to give keep you encouraged and moving forward with your gardens. You know gardening should feel right to us. Remember our ancestor Eve lived in a garden. Don’t forget whenever you work with your garden to think of your spiritual garden, JESUS CHRIST, yourContinue reading “Stay Strong Gardeners!”

Growing your garden

Praise the Lord Fellow Gardeners, Enjoyed watching Dr. Dunston, Aunt Liz, and Minister Reeves, on the woman’s conference website. Remember to invite others to be a part of this learning experience. There is a great need for understanding the Spirit of Gardening. Genesis 8:22 says ” While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and coldContinue reading “Growing your garden”

Looking Forward to Seeing You

I am so-o-o-o excited about our upcoming ZOOM meeting, The House That Rachel Built, the third installment, of the 4 part Cry of the Womb Series, of the Eve to Mary Magdalene Woman’s Conference. Hope you are reading your study guide, at this site. If you are unable to print it, send a message withContinue reading “Looking Forward to Seeing You”

Greetings from Eve to Mary Magdalene

Hi, Vickie here. I love the word of God. I’m so glad and excited to share my journey in his word with you. It’s December 27th. The days after Christmas can be a little down as we awaken from the throng of house guests, too much food, and too much family, [yes sometimes there mayContinue reading “Greetings from Eve to Mary Magdalene”